How many tweet i can update (post) on users behalf


We’re developing a web app that allows our SMB customers to tweet/post their updates on their tweeter account. We obviously use OAuth to gain authorized access to our customer’s tweet update. The question is since we’re updating tweeter on our customers behalf, how many tweets we can post/update a day ? is that limitation applied for each user (our SMB client) or for us (as a whole)?



I’ve wondered this too. (Like… when is it ‘ddossing’?)

All I know, is that you can send 350 authorized calls per hour. When it’s authorized, this will be removed from the user in question.

You guys (or your app, to be precise) will only lose ‘tickets’ if you’re making unauthorized calls. When you do this, you have 150 per hour.




POST statuses/update is not rate limited on the app level ( However, user tweet limits still apply (


What is the end point to post tweet behalf of user???


This one