How many images should we be able to upload through the API?



I am trying to use the accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview endpoint to preview a Tweet containing multiple images. But the preview I see only contains a single image, the first image in the request. The POST accounts/:account_id/tweet endpoint displays the same behavior. I have observed that help/configuration endpoint returns a max_media_per_upload value of 1, not 4.

This behavior does not agree with the documentation of accounts/:account_id/tweet/preview. Are we only supposed to be able to upload a single image through the API?


I’m going to proceed with my development, only supporting a single image upload.


This is something i am experiencing as well. Can somebody from twitter get back on this? We need to be able to upload 4 images and show a preview against it.


There is a fix for this issue in place but it’s pending a deploy.

We will let you know that’s happened!


Thanks andrs. :+1:


You should be able to view a preview with up to 4 images now. The fix has been deployed and I can confirm that it’s working as expected.


Thanks @andrs :+1:


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