How many DMs can any account receive in a single day?



I know there is a limit on how many DMs that a single account can send in a single day but I’m curious about receiving:

  1. What’s the limit on how many dms a verified account can receive?
  2. Is there a different limit on unverified accounts?
  3. Can this limit be changed?
  4. While the direct_messages streaming api is available what’s the limit on how many DMs you can receive through that endpoint in any given day or hour?
  5. Does that limit change when we’re all using webhooks?



So far as I know, there’s no limit on message receipt, regardless of the delivery method (user streams or webhook). The only limit would be system throttling for performance (hard to estimate). The REST endpoint would be limited by the number of requests available in the rate limiting window and request windowing compared to the rate of message inbounds vs 30-day lookback period…