How make a Live PhotoStream?


I have a question i’m building a new website and is see on a other site a photo stream like this:
srcoll almost to the bottom than you see ‘‘Twitter foto’s #Trekkerweb’’

It seem a simple thing but how to make ?

Thanks for help!

Perry Saarloos.


The photo grid they have there is custom, so you could definitely build your own using the API. Or, you could generate a drop-in timeline version with a search string. For example:

Then you can use the customisation options in the docs ( to adjust borders and styling, and optionally make it a fixed block rather than scrolling widget.

Hope that helps,



Can you help me a litle?


Maybe! Describe a little more about what you’d like to do with the widget and we can offer tips.


Oké, Thanks for help :slight_smile:
What my intention is, to creat same app as these site have.
6 Thumbnails but on my site ( on the footer of the site thumbnails in a vertical position.

and under the thumbnails a see more… button :slight_smile:

These link goes to a page like this ((
This page does not have to be the same but only with the graphics and latest tweets.

That was all :smiley:


@benward :stuck_out_tongue: ?