How long should it take to approve our website?


How long should it take to approve our website I have applied 10+ days ago and technically done adding tags.


Can you show me a URL where the card exists?




Thanks for this. You’ll need to run that URL through the validator first, here:

After you submit (may take a couple tries) you’ll have to hit the “Request Approval” button. Should be soon after that you’ll see your Card when tweeting that URL.



Hello, applied weeks ago and no word on approval, please update me - thanks


I did this step before and I did it again now. How long should it take now?


I apologize. It looks like we have a bug in our system, and it was rejected. Can you submit again and then DM me directly @rchoi?


@rchoi I have re-subimtted it. Sorry, I couldn’t DM you because you’re not following me.


Sorry. You can also reply here and I’ll take a look at the URL