How Long for Response from Compliance Team?


So my application has been “Restricted from performing write actions”

I believe this is because Twitter “THINKS” my application automates some actions so have sent them an email to explain it doesn’t and have provided as much information as possible.

I just wondered what the average time frame is to get a response? Are we talking a few hours, a day or two or weeks?

Obviously, having restricted access is having a serious effect on our business and find it pretty shocking that there’s no immediate way to resolve this with Twitter.


First of all, we appreciate that you’ve been working to build something cool on the platform. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been caught by one of our automated systems that try to avoid apps which could cause misuse.

It isn’t appropriate for us to discuss specific apps and restrictions in our public forums, so you do need to deal with the relevant team via email or our support forms.

I don’t have any insight into the current backlog for the platform support team, but generally if you’ve responded to the email they sent you then hopefully it will be actioned within a few days.


Thanks for your quick reply here. It’s a shame the same is unlikely to be said about the platform support team and their reply.

We’ll just sit here twiddling our thumbs now in the hope that Twitter can reply to us so we can continue to run our business and keep our own users happy.


Don’t suppose you can tell me where in the world they are based? Obviously if it’s San Francisco then no point in me even hoping for a response yet.


The teams are distributed, but in general you’re more likely to see responses on a PST schedule.


Sorry for all the questions, do you know if I am supposed to receive confirmation that a reply was received as is often the case with help desks or do I just have to cross my fingers and hope?


I’m afraid I’m not certain, since I don’t interact through that same channel :no_mouth: but I really should know the answer, so I will try to find out for myself for the future! If you replied to a restriction notice, I believe you’ve done the right thing for now.


OK, thanks Andy!


I know it’s not helpful now, and i’ve no idea about the exact rules for flagging apps etc, so it’s just my €0.02: i’d avoid phrasing like “Build Twitter Following with No Effort” / “Grow your Twitter Following on Autopilot”: without looking at it in detail, it just sounds like another one of those “get spammy followers” type things that get banned quite quickly. You do mention manually building, so maybe instead of emphasising growing # followers, emphasise reaching audiences / communities or something else that doesn’t sound like the run of the mill “followers for sale” things.


Cheers Igor. We’re still putting together the landing pages and the content on them at the moment is just ‘placeholder’ content used by the designer which only went live late last night, after Twitter restricted API access. But certainly something to consider thanks.

Still no response from Twitter 60hrs after setting up the ticket now. Pretty appalling really when you consider people are running a business using their API and they offer dire support.