How long does it take to review a twitter cards application?


I submitted my application about a month ago. The form said that it would take between 5-10 days. It’s been about a month.

I resubmitted my application about 7 days ago. Still haven’t heard back. If I’ve been rejected, please tell me so and I can fix whatever. We are waiting on this feature before we launch our newest update.

After reading the forms, it appears a lot of people are having these problems… Twitter, why are you treating your devs like this?

Please check the status of my application…



Check your email, you should get the approval notice.


Got it, thanks!


I’m having the same issue. I can’t even tell if the Twitter team received my application. I’ve checked my spam folder.

Please help!


I’m in the same boat. Submitted about a month ago but haven’t heard anything back as well. Would you mind checking on our application when you have a moment?



I am also in the same situation and my Managers need me to give them specific dates as to expect to go Live on a big project. Please advise if there is a place to check status of an application.


It can take several weeks for cards application to be reviewed and approved. Thanks for your patience.


Hi, we are just about to launch and I just got an email saying that I will need to resubmit my Twitter Cards application because my implementation no longer works. I did change a few things around on that page last night and made sure it worked after.

I tried the twitter cards testing tool numerous times and I keep getting this error: “Looks like something is technically wrong. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Is this a problem with my configuration or y’alls system?



have made submissions on 3 occassions over last 3 months. No reply yet.
At least a autoreply saying its in process, or reply tht thrs some error would suffice. But after waiting for 10 days anyone would get restless


Hi, my question is a little bit different.
I’ve got the approval email but the new service is still not active.
Is this part of the process? Do we need to wait?
The preview tool works great on our contents so I don’t think there are other things to be done from us. Am I right?

Thanks a lot.


Hey it would be great if you guys can check on our twitter cards application. We did everything to the book, we just can’t wait to implement this feature and give our fans even more incentive to share our content. Our site is

Thanks so much!