How long does it take to got approved for Twitter Cards?


Dear Twitter team,

I am the owner of a Photo Sharing Social Network service @MOLOME and I have requested to participate Twitter Cards program to deliver our user’s content to Twitter website for 3 times already among the passed 2 months but I still had no luck enough to get any response back. So may I ask you that how long does it take to get an approval from Twitter since thousands of our users have requested for it everyday and I can’t do anything but wait for the reply from Twitter (which is now 2 months already).


Best Regards,
Sittiphol Phanvilai
MOLOME Founder


twitter, please support MOLOME :slight_smile:


Yep… Do it! xD


I checked for approval a few days ago. Currently we can’t enable cards because your robots.txt is preventing us from fetching your pages and parsing tags.

See for some pointers. Feel free to ping me once this is fixed.


Dear @froginthevalley,

Wow, thanks for that. I have already fixed the robots.txt per your suggestion =)

I also just checked the whole Twitter Cards document page and I think everything should be ok right now. However if I did wrong in any point please feel free to give me an advice :slight_smile:


@froginthevalley Does Twitterbot support the Allow: directive for robots.txt or only Disallow: ?
Specifically will this pattern work :

User-agent: Twitterbot
Disallow: *
Allow: /$
Allow: /home
Allow: /browse

etc.? Thanks for a definitive word.


Hi @froginthevalley,

Just notice that there is reply link here.

I wisth to tell you that the issue is now fixed. Please kindly review it =)

Best Regards,


@froginthevalley 3 years later…


Hi @froginthevalley

May I ask for the update? =)