How long does it take to be approved for Twitter Cards?


The Tool Testing showed perfectly and without errors the Summary Card for all cases of URL.
I sent the petition to be approved and participate in Twitter Cards and still not answer them. How long will it take to be approved?

I have everything OK.


“It can take 5 to 10 days to be reviewed (and approved if your implementation is technically correct). Add another 5 to 10 days more for player cards.”
@froginthevalley -


I applied last year, November/December. Can it take that long? The domain is Thank you. I appreciate your response.


Yes it can take that long (I had your entry as “a month ago” in my admin tool). Check your email for an update. Also, no need to quadruple post your question in 4 different threads #justsayin.


Is there anyway you can take a look at and let me know where we are at?


I have sent a request to twitter card about 1 month ago but I did not get an answer from twitter, if my request approved or rejected for
i need solution


Is the approval queue FIFO? I’ve been waiting since the first week in January 2013 and haven’t heard anything back.


I try to send the petition to be approved and participate in Twitter Cards but i have always this answer:
Error Encountered
Something went wrong and your request to be added to the whitelist failed. Please try again.
Reason: Internal error when processing the whitelist request
What can i do?


@GacetaMedicaCom Your cards seem to have the right markup and pass the validator. Since 3 weeks ago (my last post) the validator and registration has been updated and that might be to do with a new bug.

I would suggest you make a new post for your problem to give it the attention it needs as it looks like a completely different problem to delays in getting twitter cards approved.


I ran 4 different URLs from my website thru the Twitter Cards Validator tool. All summary cards displayed correctly. Is there anything else I need to do to get approval?


You need to click ‘request approval’ within the validator tool after previewing the card. As you can see approval can take some time but is worth waiting for. Hopefully a little bit more resource is on this now twitter are really pushing twitter cards more than before.


There is no option to “request approval” that I can see. All I see after the card is displayed successfully is a button “Select Sample” with some code for the card. What am I missing?


See this image where the “request approval” button is


I’ve tweeted you a image

I had written a message on here but due to the link is queued for approval for over 12 hours … quite ironic considering the topic of this thread.


I have requested twitter card for my website and at first it says “approval pending” but then after i refreshed with “refresh button” i now get “not approved”

i didn’t receive any emails so i don’t know if the request had been processed. Is it rejected?


Trying to set this up for my travel blog SpaghettiTraveller, not sure how long I have to wait for though as everyone seems to have different amounts of time. Should we get an email saying if it has been added or rejected?


Can someone check my approval status, please? Thank you.


Can you check please?


Guess i’ll just wait in the queue then. Incidentally, I got approval for ‘Summary’ card in around 10 days, but the ‘Product’ card is taking much longer, its been around a month so far. Anyone got one of these in the UK yet?, cant say I’ve seen one on twitter yet.


Hi guys, I got approved for summary cards but then large image arrived and now that’s been pending for some time. Are you able to check? Example works fine in validator -

Cheers! :slight_smile: