How long do I have to wait after request usage has been maxed out?


I’ve read this thread but I’m still not clear on how long you have to wait to be able to submit requests. On my dashboard it says that for this period I’ve used 53 of my 50 requests. What constitutes a ‘period’? How long do I have to wait to submit more requests?



Just to be clear - “53 of 50” - what API are you using? Do you mean 53 of 250 (i.e. 30-day search sandbox)?

The period is a month. In the free tier, you get up to 100 Tweets per call, and then 500 per call in the paid tiers. After that you need to wait for the end of the period (billing month) for the counter to reset.


I’m using the Full Archive search Sandbox version. I think what this means then is that I get 50 calls of 100 tweets each and that I’ve used that up already, correct? And then it will reset March 16th? On the ‘Dashboard’ it also says I have 91 ‘Projected Requests’ – is there any way to cancel these out? I’m worried that on the 16th it’ll reset and do all of those requests and then I’ll be stuck not being able to do anything for another month.

Reset requests limit after upgrade

@katester117 - A “period” is a month with the premium endpoints. For the Full-Archive - sandbox level, only 50 requests per month are available.

“Projected requests” are calculated as an estimate based on the rate you are using the API.