How long between posts


I am developing an iPhone app that is designed to post a message to the timeline - send a tweet - at the press of a button.
There appears to be a very long time before another post is allowed? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. I’m not sure.
I can send a tweet on the app, but then have to wait ages and ages - like if I come back in an hour it will work again.
If I try to send a tweet too soon it just fails.

So - is there a fixed time delay between allowed posts from an app interface? if so what is it’s duration?


There’s not typically any enforced delay between the posting of a single tweet to the next on a user account. All user accounts have daily posting limits that are broken down into roaming periods throughout the day, but an account has to be tweeting at a pretty good clip to cross over those.

In what way is the posting not being allowed? Is there a specific error message you’re getting from the API disallowing it? Is the tweet text significantly different than the last few posts? Twitter detects for duplicate tweets from a small handful of the user’s recent tweets.


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