How long before a feedback after a request to access the API?


Hey Team,

I submitted my request to get access to the Twitter API for Advertisers a week ago, I have now a couple of questions :

  • I did not get any notification after sending the request, how can I be sure it has been successfully sent ?
  • Then how long does it usually take to receive an answer regarding this request ?

Thanks !


Hi @AddictmobileUA,

You should of received a confirmation email after applying, and if you got approved, another email stating that you are whitelisted for the Ads API. Can you confirm what App ID or Company name you applied with? I am guessing either your email entered incorrectly or the email went to spam.

We usually take anywhere from a day to a week to whitelist, unless the application is rejected. If you applied a week ago, you should of been approved earlier this week.


Hey Camen,

Thanks for following up.

Here is our App ID : 12875541.

I double checked, nothing in my spam box and I’m pretty sure my email was correct as it is automatically filled in.



Hi @AddictmobileUA,

Sorry, but I don’t see anything in our system with that App ID. Can you try applying again?