How I will get geo code of any tweets


I have sent request to twitter search api
with url:
and I got result with below format.
“results”:[{“created_at”:“Thu, 28 Mar 2013 04:59:24 +0000”,“from_user”:“Rajando_B”,“from_user_id”:260165137,“from_user_id_str”:“260165137”,“from_user_name”:“Ryan Rash”,“geo”:null,“id”:317138830702555136,“id_str”:“317138830702555136”,“iso_language_code”:“en”,“metadata”:{“result_type”:“recent”},“profile_image_url”:“",“profile_image_url_https”:“”,“source”:"<a href=“">web</a>",“text”:"RT @NatttyK: Me"Have you seen that red equals sign that everyone’s making their prof picture?” Sister “yeah the Obama thing? It’s gay” #LOL #DYING”}],

Could you please inform me why i am getting “geo:null” ?
I want to trace the geo code of particular tweets.
Also please let me know how i will get the geo code of any tweets?
Please help me.

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Surendar Yadav

  1. Make sure that you’re using the most recent version of the API. The API at will cease functioning soon.

  2. Are you explicitly getotagging your tweets?


Yes, I am using most recent version of API.
Please provide me some url example of sentiment analysis.
I am trying to find out the sentiment of any tweets.
Also let me know how i can find out the sentiments by twitterID of any tweets.
I have a questions could you please tell me why stream api taking much time to respond any queries
string url = @“”;

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I can’t provide an example of sentiment analysis, unfortunately – that’s a bit outside my realm of knowledge.

The URL you’re mentioning isn’t “queried” so much as connected to. It’s not meant for ad-hoc search queries but instead for long-lived filters matching real-time tweets.