How I can get creative level performance report for my ads


Is there any endpoint on twitter from where I can pull complete ad performance data.

I want to fetch the following matrix for my daily reports

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad-group
  3. Ad / Creative
  4. Impressions
  5. Spend / Cost
  6. Ad image URL

I need to pull at least the following fields. Could you please share any documents on this.


@unais_t: We have two ways to retrieve stats for your campaigns (and their child entities):

You can get impressions and spend data for campaigns and line items. In terms of retrieving “creative” stats, it depends what you mean. For #3, are you referring to the Tweet itself? If so, yes, you can retrieve those stats. If you’re interested in getting stats for media, that’s something we don’t currently offer.

As a reminder, please remember to search the forums and documentation prior to posting a new topic. See our Guidelines for Reporting Issues.



For #3 we are referring to the tweet image and Tweet copy. Is there a way to get code sample? or link to the sample that was already there?


@juanshishido I updated my Qn


It sounds like you’re interested in the Tweet itself. One instance of a Tweet might be text and image. Another might be text and image app download card. And so on.

If you are interested in retrieving Tweet-level stats for Tweets your advertiser promoted, you’d specify: entity=PROMOTED_TWEET&entity_ids={promoted_tweets ID}.

Hope this helps clarify.