How I can do retweet a tweet using fabric and twitter api?




My Use Case is the following:
I have a twitter account registered in my application with TWITTER_KEY and TWITTER_SECRET called by example @accountA

A user log in to my application with its own twitter account, called by example @accountB.

With @accountB the user can do a tweet from my application using TweetComposer.

What I need to do?
I need to retweet with @accountA the tweet made with @accountB from my application.

Can anyone help me with this?



Hey @gabyquilarque,

Thanks for reaching out on this. You would need to show the Tweet that you want the user to interact with, then use the action buttons to allow the user to favorite or share the tweet:

PS: One thing to note is that trying to have automatic retweets is not supported and would be a violation of the Twitter Developer Agreement. More info here: (I’m not sure if this is what you’re trying to do or not, so I wanted to share the information just in case).


Hi @bonnell

Thank you very much for answering!

My @accountA really is @heroeapp

My account is really intended to inform the community about the current state of subway of Caracas City in Venezuela, we have made an application that helps people find a route and provides general information about the subway stations, the cost of tickets, the history of each station.

In the Caracas Metro occur daily events such as delays in the lines, closed seasons, getting hit by the train, etc.

What we want to include the application is that the people who use the subway can report what happens through twitter and retweet our account @heroeapp what people are reporting.

Retwittear the idea is that each person be responsible for what you are reporting.

Our app is: Heroe
Twitter account: @heroeapp