How far in time can be searched using an API program?


For academic and public policy design purposes my interest is to compile geolocation data for Twitts with certain content. My interest is to develop a program which compiles several years of geolocation data to certain twitts in a given country. I understand that Twitter policies only allow API access to the last x-months.

Nonetheless, if the research has no profit purposes and might provide an important service, does Twitter provide special permission to compile data since several years?


You can get 7 days of data from the Search API, or you can listen on the Streaming API for an indefinite period, for up to 1% of the firehose.

For more complete datasets you can use Gnip, which is a commercial offering based on the full historical Twitter archive.

We have previously offered a limited Data Grants program for academia, and are looking at future possibilities in this space, but right now these are the only two options available.