How does Westworld prevent their mentions from showing up in their Tweets & Replies tab?


Last week there was a “like this tweet to get a notification” promotion on Westworld’s twitter feed.

I liked it and Sunday morning I got a @ mention on the account I liked the tweet with.

I went there on Sunday and again today and their Tweet & Replies tab doesn’t have any of the 6,000+ responses they must have sent (that’s the number of likes on the post when I liked it fwiw).

How did they accomplish? Our clients would love this!


Hard to confirm right now, but the behaviour described suggests they are almost certainly Ads API nullcasted Tweets targeted just to the individual user, so they don’t show up on the user profile replies tab.


Wow that is a great use of the Ads API!

I’ll talk with my colleagues. Thanks for the help Andy!


Hey @andypiper can you point me in the right direction in the Ads API where this “nullcasted” tweet is referenced?


Having a “nullcast” Tweet basically means that it’s a Promoted-only Tweet. Take a look at the POST accounts/:account_id/tweet endpoint. To make a Tweet nullcast, use the parameter “nullcast” and set it to true.

The RT/:heart: for reminder campaigns are typically only done by companies such as Proxima, Blue Robot, QWVR, etc as they “listen” to a Tweet for anyone who performs the specific action. When a user does so, the account automatically sends a nullcasted Tweet to them.

Mentions not shown despite following the account