How does Twitterbot handle content hosted by the same service but on a wide variety of domains?


I run SmugMug, a popular photo & video sharing service with over 35M visitors a month, and I just implemented Twitter Cards last night.

While we have billions of photos & videos served from *, we also have many tens of thousands of custom domain names our customers use, so you’d never know they were coming from SmugMug at a surface glance.


Does the Twitterbot and/or Twitter Cards mechanism have a method to handle URLs like these? There are a couple of approaches, but other large social media services that have integrated SmugMug support tend to use DNS since all of those custom domains are CNAME’d to ‘’: 14317 IN CNAME

Is this possible? Is there some other solution we can collaborate on?



We don’t currently have a method in place like the one you suggest, but we are considering options for service providers (images, videos) on multiple domains.

Stay tuned, once we get closer to implementing something similar we will post it on


Yes, we would definitely like this option as well. Our users can use their own domain as well, so at this time there’s no way for us to implement the twitter cards.