How does Twitter choose media partners for inline display on


Does anyone know the general guidelines or policies Twitter uses to determine who to partner with in regards to, for example, showing shared images from hosting companies on

Is it simply a “you guys rock, we’ll partner with you” or “let’s talk revenue share”?

Any thoughts on this mysterious process is greatly appreciated.



Twitter can you please be transparent about this topic?


I guess it depends on the context, timing and phase. Most often, I’ve observed that we approach the service as part of a specific launch effort. Then post-launch, evaluate the relative success of the project and evaluate whether we’re ready to take on additional partners depending on several factors like engineering cost, performance of existing partners, frequency of use by users and in tweets, other efforts at the organization, long-term goals or technology plans, and so on.

Lots of factors involved in other words.

Right now, I don’t believe we’re openly adding additional partners for these kind of on-site integrations but that certainly can change in the future.


It’s kinda crazy that I can do this on facebook and not twitter-- how can we all start using this?


Agreed. It would be great to post a photo with articles that get published, I feel like that would be great for traffic.



How do we become considered? Twitter recently became a bigger focus in our newsroom as we have begun to break the cultural barrier with journalists of a different era. Our competitors have become Twitter news partners… How do we do the same?


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