How does mobile carrier targeting exactly works?


Suppose I add Verizon as a targeting Criteria in mobile carriers. So does it mean that only users who are at that time using Verizon’s mobile data to surf the internet will be shown my Ad? Will my ad reach to Verizon users that are using some Wi-fi connection for surfing the Internet?

Also please clarify if twitter attaches a particular moble-carrier to a user profile or it detects mobile-carriers by some mechanism at the time of serving the ad, for the purpose of targeting.


@sokrati the existence of the WiFi only targeting makes this a little confusing, but let me see if I can clear it up.

Continuing your example: when you target the carrier ‘Verizon’, you’re simply targeting users of Verizon and how they’re connected at the moment the ad is actually served is completely irrelevant. Additionally, you can do things like only target users who’ve activated with Verizon in the last X amount of time. All of the carrier targeting criteria works in this way and how the user is connected at the time the ad is served does not matter with the exception of WiFi only.

Now let’s say you built an ad for a large mobile game (20mb+) that you want users to download and install. If you target users who are on cellular connections when the ad is served, they may not be able to actually convert and download the app over-the-air. In this scenario, you’d want to add WiFi only to your targeting criteria so that you can also narrow your audience down by current connection type.

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@brandonmblack. Thanks for the response. This cleared things up for me.


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