How does a site become an oembed provider?


So I have oembed set up. How does a site actually get whitelisted to become a provider on Twitter?


Sorry, we’re not offering a path to inclusion at this time.


This discussion hasn’t been updated in a while. Is there still no path to being included on the Twitter whitelist? We’d love to see our content at it’s full potential on Twitter:


There is still no change at this time, sorry.


Ahh. Well, is there anything you would suggest that we do to be in a good position for being considered? Thanks for your help!


Any change in policy on the horizon ? The twitter accounts of Populis’ blogs have more than 120K followers and we’d love to serve them better


Sorry, nothing to announce. It’s something we want to do, but there have been no changes at this time.


Some of us need real tutorial to become fully compliant. How and who will be of help?


How long it will be available?


This is just test for oembed.


I am interested in this too - Twitter seems to support a preview (view media) feature for
It also has a “view video” button for and

Is there any documentation explaining either: a) what the whitelist of sites is that have this kind of special treatment or b) if it’s not based on a whitelist, how to go about setting up this kind of facility for your own url?


Viewers of this thread may be interested in applying for Twitter Cards:


@kurrik I’m having a similar issue with the “view media” preview in tweets… I use a blog and I cannot get the preview to show in tweets with a blog post shortlink. I have adjusted privacy/sharing settings in both wordpress and twitter, I’ve auto-published from the blog to twitter, I’ve posted both the full link and a shortlink… tried everything I can think of… and it still will not appear.

I’ve searched all over Twitter help forums, Wordpress help forums, google, etc., and I’m not fully convinced I need to apply for Twitter Cards, because it seems like wordpress & twitter allow the preview for others’ blogs ( | | but not for mine. Although the Twitter Cards seems like the closest answer. Here is what I see when I tweet a shortlink of a wordpress blog post:

If I need to apply for Twitter Cards to have a simple preview, please let me know. I’m not sure where I would embed code in my free wordpress blog, since I don’t write the code for it, just the content.

Thanks for your help!