How do you hide retweets from displaying with the Twitter list widget?


I have a List widget from Twitter, out of the box other than some minor color changes, that I am using for a site and noticed today that retweets started to appear. I don’t believe that they ever did before but now I can’t seem to get rid of them. Does anyone have any idea how to hide these so that they do not display in the widget. Also I’d like to note that all that accounts that the list follows have been selected to not display retweets in the timeline. I thought that this would hide the retweets from the widget but it only hid them from the twitter website timeline and not the widget. Anyone have any ideas?


I second this, any help would be appreciated. We just want the feed to display our own tweets, not replies or retweets, is this possible?


This is possible. If you look for “&include_rts” in the javascript you can set this to false. This means that you will need to host the javascript locally instead of having it hosted on Twitter as it is orginally.


I am very new to Twitter and I want to set up something for my two websites. But so far I am totally confused. any suggestion on where to start so far I have my profile set up but that is as far as I got then I went to the API and tried something there dont exactly know what I did. I help would be greatly appreciated. I know some HTML from the 90’s


When going to the API site, did you go to the Start Advertising page & fill out the information needed? Also, I found out that if I have my browser set on Firefox or Google I have no problems with accessing my Twitter account. I dont know what all you exactly have tried or just how far you have gotten with your procedure concerning on setting up your website so this all I can suggest for now.

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