How do you get the "Tweet" button to send the URL of a post rather than the main URL of the blog?



My blog is (created with Wordpress):

I have a “Tweet” button in the headline for each post. The Tweet button code in the headline area of the Theme I am using and is in the WP Loop.

When you click the Tweet button it sends the URL of the blog itself rather than the URL of specific post.

I also have the Tweet button on the single blog post page as well. Here, the Tweet button works the way I want it: The Tweet button sends the specific URL of the specific post

Is there a way to have the Tweet button on the main page in the WP Loop send the URL of the post it is in?

You can see the problem if you click the Tweet button on any post on my home page here:



This can all be handled automatically by installing Wordpress’ Jetpack Plugin and setting up the publicize module. You can also link individual comments and replies directly by setting up the Jetpack comments module. Jetpack is programmed and curated directly by the developers of Wordpress so you can be sure it will be maintained. Its free, but you do have to create an account at

Hope that helps,



thanks - will check it out right now!