How do you associate media creative to campaigns for TAP ads


On the last line of product_type=media says “Associate media creative to your campaign.”

The media creative is created from a line item, which is in turn created from a campaign. Is there some extra step that we need to tie these back together, or is it all set once creative and targeting have been set?


Hi, @JD_Spencer7. Sorry this fell through the cracks. Have you been able to associate the media creative?


Just to chime in on this thread - the instructions are a little vague but the step missing is to call account_media endpoint to upload for creative format like “BANNER” or “INTERSTITIAL”, or for video a pre-roll video. Then you call to associate it to line item.


Ok. So it’s just the creation of the media creatives object? Why is it worded so strangely then? “Associate media creative to your campaign.” That makes it sound like I create the media creative and then do something else to associate it with the campaign itself, which didn’t make a lot of sense, but prompted my original question.

Anyway, I guess I followed the steps correctly. I’ve got a different topic out there somewhere about he weird behavior I see when I do follow all of this.


Yes, the account_media basically shows you which media is available for things like BANNER, PREROLL…we are working hard right now to tie down loose ends related to MAP TAP behavior in API.