How do we find out about user stats for native apps? How many user tokens does our app use already?



as per the new API 1.1 policy, there is a limit on the number of users per application. My question is, how do we currently find out if we’re near this limit or over the limit already for a native Twitter application that doesn’t store the user tokens on some central server?

@janole / @GravityApp


+1 - Would be helpful if we can reach out to someone at Twitter or on our app keys page, we had an indication of the total number of user tokens in existence which doesn’t necessarily equate to active users.

With that being said, if our app has 90,000 user tokens but only 20k of those users are active, is there anyway for us to recover the other 70k tokens? Users tend to authorize more apps than they actually reauthorize so there is a really high likelihood that there will be users holding on to tokens that are no longer active users. As this continues to grow, the hammer will fall without 0 control. So I guess the question is how can we deauthorize users from our end?


I also wonder what happens if I use Twitter framework of iOS5 instead of OAuth.


I am also very new to Twitter. Your friendly assistance to one another is impressive! I’m learning to attract traffic to my new pet supplies web site, and I wonder if Twitter is especially good for e-commerce? Or should I concentrate on Facebook? Thanks.


You should probably concentrate on both Twitter and Facebook.