How do retrieve tweets on a particular keyword for a research project?


I am a grad student working on a research project and wanted to use twitter data to illustrate my argument? I have searched the message boards and the web for answers, but it seems that the process for doing this has changed? Please advise how to go about getting this data.



Seems I have the same problem as you now Twitter have changed their API, which broke my App!
I’m now using the FHSTwitterEngine to do the OAuth, which successfully stored my twitter access token in my devices keychain. This means the authentication is working fine, but I cannot find any method that performs the keyword search and returns JSON data like in the good old days of API V1.0.
Please let me know if you find anything?


It won’t work. The current twitter.json returns only tweets less older than a month


Hi ezvaar
Thanks for your input.
If I can only fetch tweets less than one month old, thats fine for my iOS App, which relies on current company financial news.
Please could you explain to us how we fetch the twitter.json data in API V1.1?

In API 1.0 it was as simple as:
NSData *JSONData = [[NSData alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:searchURL];

Where the searchURL used to contain the keyword as part of the query string.