How do I tweet a URL without a Twitter card image?


My website does not use photos, and there is only one image that displays at the bottom of every page. The image is a moose head. Every time I try to post a link to my new essay, the dumb moose head shows up. It seems posting a URL automatically triggers a Twitter card.

So I blocked the image from being grabbed by Twitter. No more moose head. But now I get an empty image box in my Twitter cards. It seems Twitter cards really, really want an image.

Can I post a URL and bypass the Twitter card and just go old school on this?

Or can I use a Twitter card and keep the nice, bolded title and summary, but get rid of the image box so that it’s just clean text?

I’d really welcome some help with this. Google hates me for not wanting an image and won’t give me any search results in my quest for help. Thank you.


I wanted to mention that now my Twitter card says it’s not whitelisted. This seems to be a good thing, in that when I post a URL, it’s old school. No Twitter card at all, so no dumb moose image.

But can I make the Twitter card work without an image box, just the bolded title and summary? That would be awesome. Not sure how to do that, though.


No. There are only a fixed set of Twitter card types, and none of them support that layout you’re requesting.


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