How do I test Player Cards on iOS / Android?


What is the best way to test a Twitter Player Card on iOS? I have used the Card Validation Tool, but that only shows 1 display, I need to be able to verify that the display on iOS, Android, etc… works ok.

A follow up question – Will the iOS / Android Apps load the IFRAME for the Player Card, like the Desktop? Or do they ONLY load the twitter:player:stream?


On iOS/Android, if the page has a twitter:player:stream, it will be loaded, if there’s none, taping on the poster frame will open twitter:player (the same URL used by the IFRAME on Desktop

To test twitter:player on iOS/Android, the simplest is just to open that URL in Chrome on your device. On iOS, you should also try opening it in the Twitter app itself (just tweet the twitter:player URL and then open it).