How do I test @anywhere tweetbox locally


Hello all,
I am trying to test the tweet box in my development environment, but I keep receiving the same error:
Something is technically wrong.
Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

I have set my API_KEY and read/write access correct, so I am wondering if this is happen because of the callback url of because of some other thing I haven’t noticed. Do I have to set the “localhost” as my callback URL? Is a callback URL always needed when working with the tweetbox?

Thanks for the help


Hi @QualCanal,
I too faced the same problem and I fixed it by setting the callback URL as same as Website URL… Now it works perfectly… on my local machine


If you’re running on localhost, you may need to trick your DNS (usually by editing /etc/hosts in UNIX environments) to temporarily consider one of your registered domains as pointing to your local machine.

For example, if I set my callback URL to: “

And then edited my /etc/hosts file such that my machine ( was considered

Then I could use the web browser to navigate to and have it load from my own machine and @Anywhere’s security requirements would be satisfied as I developed.


thank you very much!