How do I set up RETWEET_ONLY promotable users?




I need to set up RETWEET_ONLY handles on an Ads account for testing purposes. I’ve looked through the Ads API Docs as well as these forums and found no answers on specifically how to set them up. This forum’s FAQ answer for this question is below:

So… I understand that there’s a process by which the owner of a Twitter handle grants permission to the Ads account, but I’m unclear on what specifically that process entails & how to initiate it. Can anyone help?


Retweet only promotable users are setup and give consent to have their tweet content promoted through the advertiser’s account manager. So it’s basically manual whitelisting by Twitter sales team or your partner manager contact.

Add some extra info about multi-user-login issues:

Promotable users come in two types: FULL and RETWEET_ONLY. A given advertiser account can only have a single FULL promotable user and that’s the owner of the account, but can have numerous RETWEET_ONLY promotable users.