How do I send in a twitter hacked report when the hacker has changed the email?


I was hacked Monday 15th of April 2013 between 9am and 5pm, my old account was @On_Cloud_Caylen but now it’s @StevenCloudsOn, the hacker lives in USA while I’m in Australia, is there any possible way I can get my account back.


@sputn1k has hacked the yogscast website


nope not him @_sputn1k i think plus i dont think its the only site he has hacked


yes him!!


My account PRES_ENT_GROUP has been hacked and the email has been changed. I have access to the original email address that started the account. There are over 3800 followers. I have tried all of your support and send numerous emails. They not working. I need access back into it.



Unfortunately we can’t help with account issues here. Your best bet is to contact @support at and file a ticket with their support forms.

Twitter Platform Operations