How do I send a carriage return and a line break in the UpdateStatus method in c#?


I been trying to put a line break in my tweets while using the API and I cannot figure out a way to do it.

I am at the point where I am doing the same thing over and over and hoping the for a different result…hint hint the meaning of “insanity” …

I tried inserting \n and \r but that did not work

I am using c#

and also using LinqToTwitter

any help would be freakn fantastic!!! I will owe you a starbucks coffee!!!

thank you

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Does inserting Unicode \u000D and \u000A work?


@RHYTHMVIZION I just found out that carriage returns, line feeds/line breaks currently are not visible for tweets on Twitter’s desktop site, so you probably aren’t doing anything wrong.
If you want to see your line breaks, try viewing the tweet on Twitter’s mobile site. Thank you for posting though, it was helpful.