How do I retrieve public timeline using API 1.1


In Twitter API v 1.0. there was this particular API - GET statuses/public_timeline - that returned x number of latest public tweets.

However, they seem to have gotten rid of it. I am making an iOS Twitter app that shows the latest tweets from either around the world or from a specific location (Depending on users choice). What can I do to fetch public timelines that meet these criteria?


There’s not really a direct analogue. There’s a streaming API called statuses/sample that you could open for a few seconds to kind of get a sudden burst of tweets – though we don’t recommend connecting over cellular networks. The Search API supports searches with geo coordinates.


That’s swell!! Thanks for following up when no one else did


Another quick question regarding GET search/tweets API- What if I’m to search for a query universally?? What values should i be passing for the geocode parameter?? will it be null or perhaps 0,0,0?