How do I restore eligibility to my twitter ads account?


How do I restore eligibility to my twitter ads account? It says Im ineligible for inappropriate language but I never attempted to use any profanity with the ads service period?


@yannistarr: Please take a look at this FAQ: My account has been locked or is marked as ineligible for Twitter ads, what should I do?. Let us know if you’re able to resolve this issue with the information provided. Thanks


Hi @juanshishido

My company is having this problem, and the FAQ doesn’t have the solution. The account is ineligible for ads, however not suspended. The FAQ says to click a link to appeal a suspended account. If you try to do that from the ad ineligible account, you get an error “You are currently logged in to an account that is neither suspended nor locked. Please log out and log in to your suspended or locked account in order to submit this request.” If you contact twitter ads, they give you this response:
“We’ve reviewed and confirmed the ineligibility decision for Twitter Ads based on our Unacceptable Business Practices policy. You can learn more about this policy here.”

So it’s a dead end which goes in circles never-ending.

We have millions of marketing dollars to spend, are a member of the Linux Foundation so I’m not sure why our company is suffering this problem, and it’s causing damage to our marketing efforts.

Can you please help?

the account is @gamecredits


Thanks for reaching out, @soundposition. It looks like @gamecredits’s ads account is good to go.


@juanshishido Wow, you were the right person to contact. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to start advertising!!