How do I request removal from malware list?


I have just updated a site for a client that was a very old version of Joomla 1.5.
We are now running the latest version and I created the site from a blank slate so the site is completely sterile.
I have tried creating an app for our site but I get an “Error: Validation failed: URL contains malware”

I have done this 3 times prior with no problems on other sites for the same client with the same outdated versions. the other sites were not flagged

I have done a thorough search of the forum and Documentation but I cannot find a way to start the process of removing our site from the malware list.

I saw a few articles suggesting I see an FAQ article [6720] but that article no longer exists.

How should I proceed?
Is there an email address to send this request to?


Unfortunately when we reorganised the developer website some of those links got broken. Take a look at the support pages on this error for some suggested courses of action.

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