How do I pull in the user data like on the site


There is a site called and in the top right hand corner it allows you to search for any Twitter user by keyword. It then shows you a set of results. Then once you select a user it shows you their profile picture, their name, twitter handle and location and description. It never asks for any authentication nor authorisation of any sort, so my question is, does anybody know how they do that?

For example if you search for “TheDappy” in the search box and then from the results page select the 1 result, it will now go to the search results page and show the information I mentioned above, in this case:

“Profile picture of Costas” Costas @TheDappy
I am a musician."

It is also able to crawl twitter and gather the user and his friends tweets without authorisation or authentication.

Could anyone please help me with the above 2 issues?

I look forward to discussing this.



Hey Asantha,

They are probably using the [node:65] method to do the search, and they don’t need to get any authorization from the User’s account they retrieve & display this way.


Hey Arnaud,

Thanks for your reply. Can you use any “GET” endpoint without authorization? I thought that GET users/search needed authorization?

Also that endpoint seems to have a rate limit applicable, whereas on you can search above the rate limit. Is there anyway around that too?



Does anybody know how to do this please?

Please let me know, its really urgent.



One way to accomplish this is to use your own authenticated account to perform the searches. I’m not sure how that site does it today.

We strongly encourage that your require authentication so that you can grow organically with your user base.


Do you think they are using their own authenticated account and applying that to all the users who come to the site?

Do you have any inclination as to how they might be doing that?

After authentication (i.e. login by the user- right?) then they will have access to all twitter users like on Mombo right?


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