How do I properly set the callback URL with PIN-based authentication?




I’m building an application in C++ using the twitCurl library, which in turn is based off the libcurl C API (v. 7.31.0)

I’ve been finding it impossible to capture the expected response using the POST oauth/request_token endpoint; however, when I try it with a GET request I do get the required parameters (i.e. oauth_token, oauth_token_secret amd callback_confirmed). Since I was trying this with a console application, I discovered PIN based authentication and set oauth_callback to "oob".

My question is two-fold:

  1. How can I set the callback URL field in app settings, since it required a http(s):// protocol?
  2. Now that I’m focusing on using PIN-based authentication, am I even on the right track to crossing this OAuth hurdle for my application?



Not sure about the POST/ GET thing but for a console app, you’re on the right track using PIN based auth - for the developer app form, leave the “Callback URLs” blank because PIN based auth won’t need that.

Since app requests are reviewed and sometimes rejected, i’m reluctant to suggest what exactly to put in the mandatory Website field but i’d go with your own personal site url or a github url for your app or something like that, with an explanation in the description that this app is for a “Console-based app similar to twurl” or something.


Thanks @IgorBrigadir for your reply.

I removed the callback URL from app settings as you suggested, went ahead to use the GET route and it worked! Thanks a lot!!

But I think it’s a little sad that the documentation is not that reliable…


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