How do I obtain trending hashtags (Streaming + REST)?


When users of my application want to tweet something I want the application to suggest hashtags. I know how to obtain hashtags for different woeids, but if I were to obtain all hashtags from all countries, it would make too many API calls and therefore they would be limited. Is there some workaround or do I only want to take worldwide trending hashtags into account ? The same question applies to Streaming: How do I obtain trending hashtags there ?

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It’s not specifically expressed in the streaming API when a hashtag or other term/topic is trending on Twitter. Instead, you’d have to extrapolate that yourself from the data you receive – which without the full firehose (only a small sample is available generally) would be difficult. If you’re wanting to provide this kind of functionality, your best bet is sticking with rotating through the various trends APIs and prioritizing some locations over others in your re-fetch frequencies to stay within rate limits.


Thank you very much episod. I’ll stick with worldwide trends then …