How do I manage multiple accounts that I own




This is more about application design

My Client is a charity which manages Orphans in poor countries.
They have a website where Donors can sponsor orphans on a monthly basis.

The Charity wants to provide regular updates to Donors about their sponsored Orphans. I can build a simple App with a admin back-end where the Charity can post updates about a orphan and a Donor will get notified about it. And then share to social media.

I had a idea for the Charity, where we could create a account per Orphan and the Charity can log in as those accounts and provide updates. This way, the Donor can just subscribe to Tweet Updates on Twitter and share, re-tweet etc.

I understand we cant dynamically create Twitter Accounts using the API. But is the following possible:

Charity Admin logs into custom back-end, selects Orphan, writes a post/update and the API will post on behalf of that Orphans twitter account?

Many thanks for anyone looking at this issue.


You’d need to implement a sign-in with Twitter OAuth flow for each account, and then use the user token for the individual (selected) account to post the status update.


Thanks Andy. Assuming I won’t be seen by twitter as spammer.


That would most likely depend on the content of the Tweets.