How do I make cards for multiple pages, but with unique attributes?


I have a website with lots of individual pages of artwork, and I want to make Photo Cards for every page.

@TwitterDev on Twitter told me that if I make a card for my homepage, every page in my domain will get a card, but I want each individual page to have its own image, and its own title, on the card.

It’d take me a long time, and a lot of work to individually add the meta tags to every page, and edit them individually.

I was told that “you’ll need to modify the image meta tag”, so I’m looking for some more help here.

Anyone know how I can do it?


Hello @EstragonHelmer,

First that’s correct, if you submit one sample URL to our validator, the Twitter Cards of this type will be enabled for your entire domain.

Then, in order to make each Twitter Card on all of your pages unique, the best way is to inject those tags programmatically so they links to pictures are added in a dynamic fashion instead of manually.

If you’re using a CMS (Content Management System) or a blog engine for your site, chances are they will be existing plugins to do this automatically for you.

Let us know if we can help further. Thanks!


I’m using Adobe Business Cataclyst to host my site (including all the images I’d want to use), and Adobe Muse to build it. Unfortunately, that means all my images get shoved into one big folder on my site’s server.

If I make a basic card for my homepage without the title and image meta tags, how would I go about putting the unique title and image from my pages?