How do I make an inisde-twitter-comments pane app? Something like Foursquare or Amazon have


Hi, I’m interested in making an app that would appear when you open tweet details pane. I’ve seen Amazon and Foursquare apps which do this; when you for example use Foursquare when logged in to Twitter, it will make a Tweet with attached application showing a map and some more Foursquare stuff. It seems to be embedded through an iframe.
Is there any official way to do this, or do I need to contact Twitter directly asking them for an individual implementation?


I have the same question. I know that twitter rolls out new companies to be integrated into the details pane. What do @ohmy_cz and I need to do to be in the next roll out?



Sorry, we’re not currently accepting new partners for the details pane.


How can we be first in line for when you are? Thanks!


@ohmy_cz , @Bryan_Barton were you able to do it? If u did, please tell how u did it. :\