How do I make a vanity URL display in a tweet?


I want the rich preview to display the vanity URL, not the destination site.

For example, is a vanity URL, but in a tweet it shows up as the destination URL, [I don’t work at Foxtel, I’m just using it as a generic example].

Is there a way to display the vanity URL instead? On Facebook, this is possible when creating a post on mobile, but not on desktop (except with a paid ad, which will work on desktop). In Twitter, both desktop and mobile return the same result.

Whether in Twitter Cards, or using Open Graph tags, the URL always seems to pull from the destination URL, not the vanity.

Even when inserting the vanity URL into the OG tag makes no difference. E.g.

<meta property="og:url" content="" />

Any ideas appreciated.


andypiper - was your message with a link to the following post a suggested solution? Not able to display image with twitter summary card

I don’t think this problem is the same. The problem in the link is regarding a dotted IP (e.g. whereas I am looking for a solution where both the vanity domain (e.g. and the final destination domain (e.g. are valid domains, albeit with the vanity domain set up as a 301 re-direct.

If Andy or someone else has any suggestions, that would be most appreciated.


Does anyone have any knowledge in this area?

Even if someone can confidently tell me that it won’t work, it will help me move on.



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