How do I know I got access to Twitter Ads API



After I finished my application, I was directed into which shows “Thank you for your interest in Twitter API” on the bottom line and nothing on the webiste. How do I know I got approved or not?


@huiyang0425 you will get an e-mail letting you know that you have been granted access to the Twitter Ads API if approved :thumbsup:


Thanks. Do you know how long it will take?


This is a manually process so it very much varies - we can’t give you a timeline unfortunately but hopefully it won’t be very long!

I am glad to see you are excited and eager to start using the Ads API :slight_smile: If granted access, we look forward to hearing your questions and insights in these forums!


@andrs Thank you so much.


hi @andrs
Can i ask one more question !
If my request is rejected, will i get an email letting me know that my request is rejected ? or i will wait forever ?
and in case my request is rejected, will Twitter team let me know the reason? if do not know the reason i cant improve my ads api access request.



As far as I know, you will get an e-mail if you are rejected - so if you are still waiting, it means a decision is still pending. Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer! :slightly_smiling:


thank you!


hi @andrs !
i submitted Ads api access form about 2 weeks ago (before creating this topic)
but i still did not get any reply until now. Is it normal when submit ads api access form ?
if not, please check my app : 9342446



Unfortunately it is normal for this process to take a while - this is something we are working to address as soon as we can.

As far as I can tell, you have not been granted nor denied access to the Ads API, so you will just have to wait for the team responsible for reviewing applications to get back to you (this is not my team, for what it’s worth, so I can’t do much about it) :slightly_smiling: