How do I get tweets based on location only?



I am using the following:,-122.398720,1mi to get tweets from a certain location. I have noticed that the q parameter needs to have a value or else I get “The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized”.

When using the now deprecated Search API :,-122.398720,1mi one could omit a value for the q parameter.

Is there a wildcard character or any other way to omit a specific value for q in…?

Thanks Ewald


I think you may be encoding your oauth request incorrectly. I was able to send a successful search query to 1.1 with a blank ‘q’ parameter.

Here’s what my signature base string looked like:


In the v1 world an invalid signature would have fallen back onto anonymous quota, which may be why you didn’t notice this earlier.


Thanks! That was the problem.