How do I get the userId back from the follow intent


I would like to get the userId of the following user. I have implemented web intents but I can only get back the screen_name and userId for the followed user which doesn’t really seem right since I already know that when building my page. I’m not really understanding the value of the follow intent if I can only get back information that I would already have.

Can anyone explain to me how I can get the screen name and the userid back from the user who clicked the follow button?


The web intents javascript events do not leak personally identifiable information about the user who is visiting your site, as they’ve given no consent for you to have that information (that kind of information is available from the APIs we have that involve this kind of “agreement” via OAuth).

The information you get back is for you to identify the fact that it happened, and when, and on what DOM element and/or Follow Button on your page. Of course, if the account being followed is under your control, you could leverage User Streams to be streamed an event on each follow…


How can you find out “When” it happened? The object passed in the callback:
0: Object
data: Object
region: undefined
target: iframe.twitter-share-button twitter-count-none
type: “tweet”