How do I get the StatusID of a duplicate Tweet?



We’re POSTing a Status to Twitter via the REST API using LINQ To Twitter.

When the Status is successfully POSTed we get a StatusID in the response which we use to Retweet the Status later.

If we have already successfully POSTed the Status then we get an error response saying that it’s a duplicate.

This duplicate detection is fantastic and helps us avoid spamming, but the error response doesn’t appear to contain the StatusID of the original Status.

This presents us with a problem as we can’t Retweet the original Status as we don’t have it’s StatusID.

I had a look with Fiddler, and I couldn’t see the StatusID hidden away in the body or the header.

Is the only option to grab the users Status stream and work our way backwards until we find a Status with matching content?

(It’s a shame the tags below don’t include “duplicate-detection”.)


Unfortunately if you post a duplicate status there only an error code, no response body that could carry the ID of the original, so I don’t see any other easy way to do this!


Thanks for the confirmation.

Under normal operation we shouldn’t get duplicate posts, so scanning the users status history will be fine in the limited situations we do encounter that after a failure in our progress tracking.