How do i get the replies on a post ? Is there any API that gives the list of replies on a tweet?


I,m unable to get the list of replies on a tweet in APIs
How to get the replies/comment on the tweet done by others which is as a view conversation in twitter ?



A resource for retrieving these tweets directly is not part of API v1.1.


I guess you could run a search for something like ‘to:vis_1321’ which would get all tweets to you, and then loop through each one and see if the in_reply_to_status_id_str is the same as the original tweet.


@mattrogowski thanks for you reply ,

I have tried using this but it gives {“errors”:[{“message”:“Could not authenticate you”,“code”:32}]}
perticularly to @vis_1321 or to:vis_1321 keywords and other search are working well.


@episod thanks for your reply,
Can you tell me the way to get the list of replies on a tweet in json?


Are you using the twitter API? Can you share the code?.. I’m trying to do the same manually but it is too slowly.


The best way to get the replies is through streaming API,you can use it to get the replies.


Yes, but the streaming API does not bring all the tweets. Which filters are you using in the search?