How do I get my web site approved for Twitter Cards?


I set up my WP site with a plugin JM Twitter Cards. The URL:

Was validated and showed me the card, but when I tweeted the URL, the card did not show up
What do I need to do?


I just tried Tweeting your URL and the card showed up just fine for me. Note that Cards display in the timeline on iOS and Android, and after you click into the Tweet details view on web. Cards are not supported in third party Twitter clients.


In my PC, I have to click on “view summary” for it to pop up… why does it show the URL and not the card directly?


That’s the expected behaviour on the web at the moment. Cards require you to click View Summary on the web at this time.


That sort of goes against the whole intended effect, no?
Will this change any time soon?


We’ve been experimenting with changing this in the web UI, but haven’t finalised plans. The cards are already displayed on the mobile timelines. This has been the way that cards have operated for a long time so I cannot comment whether this will change “any time soon”, but we are always looking at ways to improve the experience.


I have been a developer since 1992. Why develop something that does not work? The idea is good, but I will not advise my clients to use it until this is done. Even the implementation on mobiles is partial, you only see a few words, and things get cut off.
Get your UI guys on this since (especially for businesses) - it could be a great idea


Thanks for the feedback. In terms of “does not work” - this is the way Cards have always worked on Twitter (actually, we have only just recently started to auto-expand them on mobile timelines, and have been experimenting with doing the same on the web).

All Cards are the same size, so the amount of text displayed is the same for everyone and only intended as a preview of the site content. We are constantly experimenting for ways to improve the user experience of what is displayed, so we do appreciate your views and thoughts on this.

FWIW, for businesses, we offer a range of other card types via the Ads Platform, including lead generation and website cards that offer different display possibilities, and will be displayed in the timeline by default.


Hi @andypiper

I have validated my Card (image 1), but somehow the tweet doesn’t expand for full content view with image (Image 2).

Please advise, I’m new at this and would like to use it for maximum impressions & engagements.

Thanks -
Faiq Wyne


If you read the thread above you’ll see that this is the expected behaviour. Currently on the web timeline you should click into the view summary link to see the expanded card. It will show expanded on iOS and Android.


@andypiper On the Web both of my cards do not auto expand; whereas cards of news channels and other blogs do have the expanded view.

What should i expect for desktop view of twitter, would my post auto expand at all?

also i tried viewing it on my android native app and it still didn’t appear expanded.


Can you provide links to example Tweets?


@andypiper here you go. please do let me know what i am doing wrong.


Both of those show Cards when I open them in Tweet detail view, which is the expected behaviour. On the iOS and Android apps they will appear in the timeline as well.