How do i get consumer key for sign in with twitter


I want to get consumer key and consumer secret for " Sign in with Twitter" button to be used in my site


For consumer key and consumer secret key u have to create a app in twitter please fallow this link to create a app



how to get consumer key?


why my Twitter Connect, is not workking,i set the secret key and consumer key,bu estay on limbo.Look any help.


When a try to get Key it give me error “Not a valid URL format” please tell me the right URL format


try using http:/ instead of


how to get consumer key?


How to get twitter Secret key


Is there anyone who have made it working


go to and creat new app fill all the info after submetting u will get consumer key




Could anyone tell me the correct format of website? I can’t add new application. The system keep telling me that “Not a valid URL format” .Even if I entered the correct url , It still doesn’t working. :frowning:


Please help me… I want to use my twitter account with here i dont want to create apps to get my apps key.

  1. go to
  2. it will ask you for login
  3. Create Application Screen
  4. fill the form to create application
    after create application successfully.
  5. On the next screen you will get your Customer Key and Customer Secret etc. under Details tab.

for best description go to


Hi Gurpreet,

I have completed the above 4 steps but not getting redirected to the next page so I couldn’t see the Customer Key and Customer Secret(No error showing). Please help



Hi All,

I got it worked when I entered the description text as more than 10 characters (10 and 200 characters)



Pretty sure all you need to do is get a www in there.


hi everyone
please, someone can told me what is a valide url …?


i find the solution,

the solution is that you youd begen with the “http://” then the spaceholder


Please how do I get the consumer key and secret