How do I get Analytics data of mobile_app_install with wide_app_image by OS and Campaign?



Hi, Im trying to get data including <mobile_app_install,impressions,clicks> by OS , Campaign,Day but not sure how to get them .

If it is possible , could I get some example for this or please show me how to do this ?

By the way , This is a return I want to get.
*Python dict

‘url’ : ‘…’ ,
‘mobile_app_install’ : [10,39,30,49,…39],
‘impressions’ : [10000,39000,30000,40090,…39000],
‘click’ : [100,300,300,490,…300],
‘spend’ : [5000,20000,25000,25000,…20000],
‘OS’ : ‘google’,
‘Campaign’ : ‘campaign name’




Please see the “Segmentation” table at the bottom of for what segmentation types are supported on analytics.

If you are using our official Python SDK, I would recommend to go ahead and post Python SDK based code for what you are trying to do and it would make it easier for us to point out what you might have to do, OR you can feel free to get the data from a twurl command and paste that and we can help explain the equivalent way of fetching data in Python.